Saturday, 22 March 2008

Jetty Suite

In the "Connecting Threads" exhibition I followed a path to which I am increasingly drawn, of showing both textiles and photographic images. Usually the relationship is subtle, but in this instance they spoke more directly to each other.

"Jetty Suite 3", 40 cm (16 inches) square

The photographic images show old and weathered surfaces,
so it seemed appropriate to use old recycled blankets as the base for the related textiles.
"Jetty Suite 1", 40cm (16 inches) square

This detail shows the use of hand stitch to build up depth of colour.

"Jetty Suite 2", 40 cm (16 inches) square
Look for the photographic partner to this piece in my next post, when I talk about my source of inspiration.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

connecting threads

My first post for 2008 delivers an untold tale from 2007. Marjorie Colemen, Margery Goodall, and Cherry Johnston live and work in my home town of Perth, Western Australia. I count these women among my closest friends and colleagues.

While our art practices are independent and varied, we have formed a strong bond through our shared focus on working with stitched layered textiles. We meet regularly, taking advantage of the opportunity this affords to exchange information, share ideas, and engage in lively and stimulating discussion.

All of us exhibit internationally and have travelled extensively, but we are happy to be based in Western Australia. We don't see Perth's isolation as a disadvantage in a world where communication is so easy.

After working together over the years on other people's projects, we realised it was time we mounted our own joint exhibition. Connecting threads was held in September 2007 at the Gallery at Ellenbrook, as part of Artopia, the biennial festival celebrating the talent of Western Australian artists.

I exhibited both textile works and photographic images. This installation view shows stitched textile works from my Jetty Suite.

My work again, photographs and a quilted piece.

I will show more detailed images later.