Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A sneak peak at my new website

My life plays out as such a crazy pace that I never seem to find enough spare time to write about the exciting projects that swallow so much of my attention.

My personal projects are all too often abandoned, sometimes when oh-so-close to being finished, due to the need to direct my full attention to some worthy cause or other.  I love worthy-cause projects.  They inspire and stimulate me.  However, I do sometimes regret my inability to better balance my commitments.

Nearly two years ago I built myself a new website, but it has sat there unlaunched ever since.  All because I didn't make the time to find the key person to walk me through the complexities of changing my domain name and associated emails across to the new platform.

I was unwilling to make the website visible until it had the correct domain address, but now it already needs updating and of course I am too busy with my current project to do that.  So here is a sneak preview of my new (2 year old) website, still awaiting transfer to my correct domain name, but in the meantime available for viewing at its (hopefully) temporary address!         

Let me know what you think.
In my next post I'll tell you about my current worthy cause...