Monday, 28 October 2013

Yanchep residency

I am excited to have been awarded the 2013 Capricorn Yanchep Residency, managed by Artsource. I anticipate a very busy November during which I will spend much of my time in Yanchep. I will be finding inspiration in the landscape and also in local and personal family histories of improvisation and making do, as I prepare for an exhibition next year titled Telling stories, of people and place.

I am looking forward to working with Yanchep artists and community members, focusing on ways of telling stories through photography, stitch and print, and preparing for a local exhibition at the end of the residency.

There will be a series of photo rambles, and we will also make a whole community of characterful little ‘sock dolls’ that tell stories about life and also about the creative possibilities of using found and recycled resources. I hope people will either donate those forlorn odd socks that seem to inhabit every home, or better still join me in sock doll stitching sessions.

If this little fellow could talk, I'm sure he'd have an interesting story to tell. I found him at a Kansas estate sale a decade ago, whilst in the US attending the biennial Surface Design Association conference. I'll be talking more about the residency as it progresses. Apart from the walks, all activities will be held at Capricorn Community House, 73 Lindsay Beach Boulevard, Yanchep (enter car park from Azure Mews).

First off, come and meet me this Sunday Nov3rd at 5.30pm and hear about my work and plans for the residency. If you'd like to join in any activities or want more information, contact me via wendy(at)wendylugg(dot)com - I'm sure you know the drill, change (at) to @ and (dot) to . to keep the spammers at bay.