Friday, 24 January 2014


Yesterday I headed up the coast to Yanchep, for a lovely catch-up with artist friends I'd not seen since my residency last November.  It turned out to be an auspicious choice of days to visit.  Angie Beck, who made a number of sock dolls during the residency, was about to send one of them off on a world trip.  

With passport and bag all prepared, and an international itinerary set in place, Tully was about to embark on his journey.  
Tully was made from a Qantas travel sock that travelled from England to Australia about ten years ago.  Worn by Angie in the cooler months, the sock had stretched a bit, so Angie decided to recycle it and send it back out to travel the globe in the form of Tully (who is wearing a shirt made from another old sock donated by a friend).   
First stop Hong Kong!  Tully is certainly NOT travelling first class, but he did make the local paper, which will be following his travels via its blog -