Wednesday, 27 November 2013


I've been collecting stuff throughout my residency - beach detritus, socks....

With my residency rapidly drawing to a close, I decided it was time to wash the ever-growing pile of beach finds
 It's quite an assortment - rope, shells, a float, containers, a wonderful block of drift wood (which has since been commandeered by a chap who thought "that piece of rubbish would make a great chock for my trailer!"  I bowed to his greater need.........

This is the first thing I collected at the lagoon.  I had to squeeze behind the roadworks fence to retrieve it, but at 6am there was no danger of getting in the way of the workers who were yet to arrive.  A broken plastic wheel trim or similar, it just begs to be turned into the base of a container.

These treasures, drying on the line, were found at the Two Rocks Primary School fete - great piles of children's used socks at 20 cents per pair!  I invested $2.20 and left the rest for others to enjoy, but suggested that any not sold be delivered to Renae for use in her classroom.  (See an earlier post for the sock and peg treasures Renae's class produced last week).   

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