Tuesday, 5 August 2014

exhibition preparation

The Telling Stories exhibition opened last Friday, with an appeciative audience in attendance to enjoy the wonderful work of the six artists I invited to join me in telling stories about things that matter to us.   
The opening was a great finish to a very busy few days working alongside City of Wanneroo exhibition officer Murray and his team at the gallery, installing the exhibition.  Here is what the gallery looked like a few days earlier.  
Rolls of quilts on the table, walls awaiting adornment, and in the background trolleys full of light fixtures awaiting placement.

 Murray had worked out a floor plan and built the space, arranging the portable wall panels to accommodate the artists' works.
 Here I am with Pam Annesley, receiving her beautiful jewellery.
Textile works were carefully unrolled and spread out on drop sheets on the floor in readiness for positioning.
Laying them out like this in the space is a useful way of finalising the hanging arrangement, as they can be seen together and easily moved around on their plastic dropsheets.
 Once the works were hung, Murray set up the lights using his state of the art moving platform.
Here I am on opening night introducing artists (left to right) Marjorie Coleman, Pam Annesley, Elizabeth McCaig and Angie Beck. Karen McClurkin and Michele Eastwood were unable to be with us, but their artworks were a powerful presence.
I'll show some images of the exhibition itself in my next post, but I hope you enjoyed this glimpse behind the scene.

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